Massage Therapy (specialized in resolving chronic pain)

A personalize massage experience where several massage techniques are combined to focus on your specific areas of need.


Massage Techniques


Increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins in the blood flow, while relaxing the body with long and kneading strokes (light to moderate pressure)


Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

A deeper massage that targets specific muscle groups. This massage eliminates deeply rooted tension, releases tightness and reduces muscle pain through slow and deep manipulation of the muscles and connective tissue.


Myofascial Release

Used to treat a number of soft tissue problems and has proven to be an effective treatment for a variety of resulting conditions such as chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome.



This ancient Chinese massage focuses on specific acupressure points to release blocked chi (energy), leaving you feeling relaxed and energized.


Trigger Points

Essentially small, localized muscle cramps, usually confined to only one or two of the small fibers that comprise the main muscle body. These palpable knots respond excessively to even small amounts of stimuli and are a common source of chronic pain and discomfort. The hypersensitivity of these nodules can also cause the discomfort to radiate outward referring (or “triggering”) pain, tenderness, tingling, and even numbness to other areas of the body.



Uses pressure to specific areas of your feet. These pressure points correspond to various parts of your body and will stimulate your natural self-healing abilities.


Prenatal Massage

This massage is targeted to ease the aches and pains you experience as your body change during pregnancy. Assist labor for expectant mothers (and reduce maternity hospital stays)


Aromatic Massage

Combines massage techniques with blended essential oils to energizing, calming and detoxifying. Choose the essence that’s right for you.


Massage Treatments


LaStone Therapy

A contemporary approach to alternating temperatures in massage best describes the LaStone therapy technique. This unique form of massage utilizes heated and chilled stones. Bringing balancing, deep relaxation and physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
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Lymph Drainage Therapy

This massage technique directly works on lymph vessels and glands, and eliminates watery stagnation from the tissues, improving flow of body fluids. This is critical to the body’s ability to detoxify & regenerate. Manual lymphatic massage consists of gentle, rhythmic, circular movements; the therapy activates the muscle cells in the walls of the lymph vessels and the surrounding skeletal muscles necessary to propel the lymph through the system.


Fibromyalgia Treatment

A combination of a herbal body wrap and lymphatic drainage therapy to help to reduce the symptoms from fibromyalgia.



It is a non-invasive, clinically proven body contouring and detoxifying therapy that can transform your body shape. Best works in a series of 18 sessions.
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